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Maleic rosin

Rosin and maleic anhydride are formed by addition reaction, and the main component is maleic resin acid.  Compared with common rosin, its stability is greatly improved, at the same time its reactivity is greatly increased due to its structural changes, and more derivatives with special properties can be produced.

Product performance:
1. The main ingredient is a mixture of more than 50% maleopimaric acid grinded adduct, about 35% unreacted resin acid and 10% neutral substance;
2. Dissolved in acetone, ethyl hexanoate and dichloroethane: insoluble in ethanol and solvent gasoline;
3. It has good stability, light resistance and oxidation resistance: its reaction activity is greatly improved.


Main uses:
1.造纸施胶剂1. Paper sizing agent
2. Paints, inks and pigments:
3. Adhesive products:


1. Packed in galvanized iron drum with net weight of 225 kg.
2. Composite cowhide bag packaging.






Color and lustre

Flake or granular solid of reddish brown

Flake or granular solid of reddish brown

softening point℃



Acid value(mg KOH/g)



Soap price(mg KOH/g)



Maleic anhydride adduct content%